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Quick Start Guide

Not a lot of time - check out our Quick Start Guide



  1. Search: Enter the name of the brand or asset you want to search for in the Search box and hit Enter/Return.
  2. Browse: Click the Latest, Folders, Companies, Brands or Tags links to browse by those things.
  3. Once you've found what you want, click the [+] button to add to your Cart.
  4. The Cart tab will indicate your selection.
Finding and selecting assets example



  1. Go to the Cart and review.
  2. Click the Checkout button.
  3. Enter a reason/purpose for your download.
  4. Download individual files or All Files as a single .zip file (An email with a link to download your package will be sent to you after the system has prepared the files. This can take a few minutes).
Downloading files example


  1. Click the locked assets name or thumbnail. Then enter a reason/purpose on the next screen.


  1. Add Locked files to your Cart and click the Checkout button. Then when prompted select the option to Backorder restricted files.
  2. Your access request will be sent to the owner and you'll get an email advising you of the outcome (You can then come back to BrandFM and download the files you are granted access to).
Getting access to a locked asset example


  1. Go to the Cart and review.
  2. Click the eCourier button.
  3. Enter the recipients email, a message and a reason and click Send.
  4. Check delivery status by clicking the Previous eCouriers link on the Cart menu.
Sending files via eCourier example


  1. From the Assets/Files tab click the New Asset/Upload Files in the right hand menu.
  2. Upload files from your computer.
  3. Once uploaded, select files with the [+] button, click the Create new asset... button and then complete the Create a new asset wizard.

*Applicable to Managers/Authors only

Create a new asset example


  1. Find and display the asset by clicking on its name or thumbnail.
  2. Click the Add files to this asset button.
  3. Upload files from your computer.
  4. Once uploaded, select files with the [+] button and then click the Add selected files to... button.

*Applicable to Managers/Authors only

Add files to an asset example


  1. You can invite anyone to download your files by granting them access to your managed folders or assets.
  2. Go to the Users tab.
  3. Complete the Send an invitation wizard.
  4. An email is automatically sent.
    Existing users are advised of their new permissions. New users are invited to sign-up to get the new permissions.

*Applicable to Managers/Authors only

Inviting users example


  1. You'll receive a message requesting access via email and in your Dashboard.
  2. Click the link in the message or go to the Users tab, Access Requests to view the request.
  3. Click the Request to accept or decline the request.
  4. The user will then be emailed automatically and the message will be cleared in your Dashboard.

*Applicable to Managers/Authors only

Processing access requests example

Asset Visibility Key

Public anyone can view and download (an icon will not be shown).

Members icon Members only signed in users can view and download.

Locked icon Locked - permission NOT granted User needs permission to view and download.

Unlocked icon Locked - permission granted User has permission to view and download.

Private icon Private Hidden from users unless specifically given permission to view or view and download.

Unapproved icon Unapproved Approval of this asset is pending. Users will not see this asset regardless of access permissions.

Private icon Release Scheduled Users will not see this asset until its release date regardless of their access permissions.