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System Requirements

These are the system capabilities required by your computer in order to be able to access Brands and Brand Assets using e-see Brand File Manager software.


Users must have a computer with an internet connection. Connection speed will affect the download speed of files.


Users must have a valid email address in order to signup. BrandFM sends a validation email to the user email as part of the sign-up process.

Screen size

BrandFM has been optimized for computer screens with a resolution of 1080 x768 pixels. Smaller screens are very rare today and not recommended. If your screen is smaller then you will not see the whole screen and will have to scroll sideways to view the menus. Larger screens should have no problems.


The following browsers have been tested and are supported:

  • Apple Safari
  • Internet Explorer 6, 7+ (IE6 is supported but not recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

Browser Settings

BrandFM uses Cookies for sessions so that you don't don't need to logon to every page and uses Javascript. Most browsers have both these thing turned on by default - so most users don't need to change anything. However if you're having problems you may want to check these settings or ask your IT person to do so.


For users who are uploading we have two upload methods, either mutilple files at once or single files at once. 'Multiple File at Once' uploads require the user to have the Flash 9 or higher player plugin installed. Users with an earlier version may still upload but will only be able to use the basic single file upload.


When downloading, files can be optionally downloaded as a zip file in order to save download bandwidth and time. In order to use the zip option, users should have software that can unzip or unpack a zip file. Most modern computers have this ability built in. However if you don't you may need to install an un-zipping application. There are numerous zipping (they zip and unzip) applications available, some free, some paid. Just Google: Zip software.

Happy branding :-)